Mail-order and distribution formerly known as Metamkine.

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“In and out of the studio” by Lisa Gasior and Andra McCartney. “Nownotes” by Udo Kasemets. “Pop avant, the curious contrasts of Les mouches” by Jonathan Bunce. “D.I.Y. music, your computer as instrument” by Stuart Clark. “In tune with co-creation, the musical practice of Wende Bartley” a written exchange between Darren Copeland and the composer. “Panning for gold, the rewards of processual composition”, Paul Steenhuisen in conversation with Christopher Butterfield. “Gamelan and beyond, Wayan Gde Yudane’s dedication to the new” an interviewby Jack Body. “From mixing boards to museums, Diane Leboeuf, sound designer” by Lisa Gasior and Andra McCartney. [•] CD avec des pièces de Wende Bartley, Christopher Butterfield, Wayan Gde Yudane, Diane Leboeuf.